The Controversy Surrounding a School Fundraiser: Lakeland, Florida’s Drag Show Performance

A school fundraiser in Lakeland has ignited a heated debate as it faces opposition for its involvement in a drag show performance. This article delves into the controversy surrounding the event, the arguments presented by both sides, and the broader implications of such clashes between freedom of expression and community values.

The Drag Show Fundraiser

The Mama and Friends Brunch Show, a monthly school supply fundraiser organized by the Rose Dynasty Foundation, has been a recurring event for over two years in Lakeland. The foundation, a nonprofit operated by Jason Deshazo, also known as Mama Ashley in the drag community, aims to raise funds for various charities through this family-friendly event.

The City’s Response

However, the event has drawn criticism from certain members of the community who view it as inappropriate for a family-oriented fundraiser. During a recent City Commission meeting, concerned citizens appealed to city leaders to halt the drag show. The event’s location, a building owned by Lakeland’s Community Redevelopment Agency, has further fueled the controversy, prompting calls for the city to intervene.

Clash of Values

The crux of the issue lies in the clash between freedom of expression and community values. Critics argue that the drag show’s content goes against the city’s perceived moral standards, while proponents of the event emphasize its positive impact on charitable causes and the absence of explicit or inappropriate elements in the performances.

Legal Complexities

Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz weighed in on the matter, highlighting the legal complexities involved. He stated that the city cannot deny a permit based solely on the content of speech or the viewpoint being expressed. This stance aligns with the principles of free speech and expression protected by the First Amendment.

The Injunction and Legislative Landscape

A significant legal backdrop to the controversy is an injunction against Florida’s Protection of Children Act, which has been temporarily suspended while under appeal. This legal context adds another layer of complexity to the situation, as city leaders grapple with adhering to existing laws while addressing the concerns of their constituents.

Exploring Solutions

As tensions rise, various solutions have been suggested to address the impasse. Some commissioners proposed reaching out to State Attorney Brian Haas to investigate the event’s compliance with state law. Mayor Mutz underscored the importance of following legal avenues, such as addressing concerns through the state legislature and the courts, rather than attempting to suppress the event based on personal or moral objections.


The controversy surrounding the drag show fundraiser in Lakeland encapsulates a broader debate about the balance between individual expression, community values, and legal principles. As the city navigates this complex issue, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing tension between personal beliefs and constitutional rights, shedding light on the challenges faced by communities in an ever-evolving cultural landscape.